Bash software bug

Security is what that decides the user ratio of an operating system. Linux is one of the secured and free version of UNIX operating systems. Many have shifted to this OS in the recent past after the official death of the most used OS “Windows XP”. There has been a security bug in the LINUX operating system recently. It was in the widely used software “BASH” of Linux. It is the Bash software bug.


BASH in Linux is a software that controls the Command Prompt. It is more of a scripting language. It is the most widely used piece of software in Linux, as the Linux operating system completely relies on Command Prompt.


In April of this year, there has been a bug known as “HEART BLEED” . It allowed the hackers to spy on the targeted systems. Millions of users data was comprimised with the HEART BLEED BUG. This BASH bug has a way too higher impact compared to the Heart Bleed bug. This BASH security bug gives complete control of the system to the hackers. This bug was rated 10 for severity by an engineering manager at cyber security Rapid7 which means its impact is too high. It was also rated “low” for complexity of exploitation. That means, hackers can easily infect this bug into any LINUX based operating systems.


The immediate measures one must take for their system for being attacked by this security bug is by deploying a patch file immediately. The further details are however unknown for now.

Dan Guido, chief executive officer at cyber security firm said, he is considering to put the company’s non essential servers offline to make sure the OS is not infected with this security bug.

The Cyber security has officially announced on this on this Friday at BOSTON.