The two things irritate us the most – slow internet and slow mobile.

Dealing with slow internet is easy when compared with slow mobile. The slow internet might be due to poor network or you can switch to 4G for faster internet. In a worse case, you can ask your friend’s hotspot in an emergency.

But what about slow running mobile? You don’t have any other choice and you need to deal with the same mobile to complete your work. It is very annoying and irritating at the same time and you realize to do something to make your mobile run faster.

make mobile run faster

If you follow these 5 secret techniques, your mobile speed will be improved by 200% in no time.

1. Stop Using Launchers

These days most of the device manufacturers are coming up with their own modified UI. For example, Mi is coming with Mi UI whereas Samsung is coming with TouchWiz. Not everyone will like their UI  and some will take an extra step and use launches. Sometimes launchers will greatly reduce the mobile speed and you start feeling the lag.

It is always suggested to use the default user interface and avoid using launchers.

2. Uninstall Apps You Don’t Use

Check your list of installed applications and uninstall the apps which you don’t use anymore. You might have granted permission like the location which runs in the background but you don’t use it anymore. Either check the permissions of unused apps or it is better to uninstall them completely.

3. Make Sure You Have Enough Free RAM

You need to free your RAM using speed booster apps like DU Speed Booster. Clear your RAM when you feel your device is running slow. Don’t clear the RAM very frequently as it will slow down your already opened applications.

In short, the more RAM space you have, the faster and smoother your phone will perform. Nowadays, gaming has become more and more hardware demanding and if you’re on a tight budget, but want to play some high-end games. No matter what popular game you play, you want it to work as flawlessly as possible, whether it’s some casual live casino experience, a first-person shooter or an online strategy, they all require not only the huge battery but also enough RAM space as well as above average GPU quality.

4. Turn Off Animations

Android by default animations when you are moving from one activity to another. It would normally take 0.4 seconds to finish one activity and to start the new one. To make you feel the smooth experience, during this time Android is performing small animations for 0.5 to 0.6 seconds. You can turn off these animations at SettingsDeveloper OptionsAnimations.

turn animations off

If developer options are not available in your settings, Go to About and tap Build Number 7 times.

5. Do Factory Rest

If nothing works, the only option available is performing a factory reset. This will permanently delete all your phone data. So it is better to take the backup of important files if you have any.

To factory reset your mobile. Go to SettingsBackup and Reset and select Factory data rest.

factory reset

Let us know if you find these techniques help to boost your mobile speed. If you know any other tips, start commenting below.

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