There are many that are eagerly waiting for the Apple’s new iPhone 6 launch in India. The launch of iPhone 6 is expected to be on September 19th. iPhone is one of the top branded mobile phones through the world, where its sales are a little higher in USA and INDIA comparatively. Indians have shown more interest in Apple products in the recent past. The sales in India are hiked in the past 2 years.What are the reasons for lesser sales of iPhone? Let us see.


Though the Apple products are famous in India, we could say the sales are low compared to either Windows Phones or Android. What must be the reasons for this?


The first and the foremost reason behind this is the price of the piece. Android and Windows Phones are available right from 4k-10k. Even though the quality might be very low compared to Apple, but the price range is the major factor determining its sales. When one could get a phone with better features compared to iPhone around 10k less, what would he chose? He would go for the other unless he is an iPhone maniac.


People now-a-days prefer larger screens. With the all latest video players available and the mobile support to play the high end video format files made this happen. Mobiles with larger screens tend to attract more youth as they fell it very good to watch movies or videos in a larger screens. iPhone’s screen were never larger enough to attract these kind of people.


Major number of Android users are youth. The present Youth would prefer anything to be simple. Bluetooth file transfer or number of different applications available in the market etc has made Android very famous. Every device is nearly compatible to this OS. Where as the iPhone’s are unique in this. They are not compatible with any other devices except for the other models of iPhone’s. This, though is a major defect for the sales hike, but attracted many (who doesn’t want their phones used by their friends often) as in privacy concern.
It has always been a major competition between Android and Windows Phones in India.
The above mentioned are three major factors for the fewer sales of the older models of iPhone. Now, What has the newer model brought us? Let us see.



iPhone screen size has never been more than 4′. As mentioned above, most of the youth prefer bigger screens . So, iPhone 6 is made with bigger screen size to meet the requirements of the youth. While considering the screen size, this model comes in two variants, One with 4.7″ and the other with 5.5″ screen sizes. People who do not prefer very bigger screen size can choose 4.7″. This will be an added advantage for the sales of iPhone6 in India this time.


The trend today is, “More thin the phone is, more sexier it is.” All the new models in mobiles are trying to make the phone more and more thinner. Apple has thought the same and made the iPhone6 more thin. The 4.7″ variant is about 6.9mm thick, 138mm long and 66mm wide. And the other variant with 5.5″ is about 7.1mm thick, 158mm long and 78mm wide. This surely is going to attract the present youth.


This model (4.7″) is offering 16GB storage at the lower end. There is no 8GB model for iPhone 6. As given in the previous models, iPhone 6 is no way different in RAM. iPhone 6 has 1GB RAM and a QUALCOMM MDM9625M LTE MODEM that supports the speed up to 150Mbps. The exact specifications of 5.5″ model has remained unknown.
It is expected that iPhone 6 sales will be way through higher compared to the previous models of iPhone. With the increased screen size and design, it is expected to attract more number of customers. The price range might be around 850-900$ ( not very sure). Wait till the release that is on 9th of this month. This month is surely a feast for the iPhone lovers.
This post is open for sharing your views on iPhone 6. Thank you.