Andy rubin

As a matter of fact Android is the most widely used mobile OS and all those who use it would definitely love it for its service. Andy Rubin is the Co-Founder of the Android OS. He has been working since 2005, over a decade in Google. Andy Rubin originally joined Google as a part of the company’s highly secretive  acquisition of Android in 2005. Android is simply a revolution in the field of mobile operating systems.

Android being one of the most used OS in mobile phones or tablets, never made customers unhappy. There’s always a few improvements which gained more and more number of users. The recent released version of Android is “The Android L”, widely knows as Android Lollipop.

Last March, Andy Rubin left the Android Group for which Sundar Pichai replaced his position. So, now this could not be a total surprise of Mr. Rubin leaving Google. Perhaps, according to “The Wall Street Journal” , Rubin is planning on creating an incubator for the hardware startups.

Google officially confirms the departure of Andy Rubin in the Google CEO Larry’s page that says : “I want to wish Andy all the best with what’s next. With Android he created something truly remarkable-with a billion plus happy users. Thank you.” 

It is a wonderful news that Andy Rubin is on a mission to create an incubator for the hardware startups. We still do not have any information, if Google will be funding for this or not. But, as a matter of fact, this could be a great help to those curious and enthusiastic people around who wanted to try something in the development of hardware. Rubins’ background actually was in hardware. He worked at Apple and then co-founded the device maker danger which was acquired by Microsoft later. Andy Rubin then later Co-founded Android with Rich Miner in 2003. Android was later acquired by Google in the year 2005.