Android Pattern Unlock

Are you a user of Android? Did you ever forget your own password? Do you want to bypass the pass code of your friends mobile? Then here is a small tutorial on Android pattern unlock process. It is quiet common to forget our own password at times. If you forget your password and are in a stage where you couldn’t recollect it, then this tutorial on Android Pattern Unlock will get you out of it.

There are many chances where you could either forget your pass code, or your friends who know your pass code must’ve changed it to tease you. Many of us here, who do not have idea on how things actually work would worry and simply reset the device to get it back to normal. But in doing that, we loose our valuable data. If you back-up your data then it is not a concern anymore though. Using Google contact sync and photo sync can save you to some extent but you have no choice except to loose other data.

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I therefore suggest you to use these applications to back-up your data when you’re free.

App backup and restore: To restore and backup your applictions instead of downloading them everytime. (Also you can retrieve deleted data without worrying. Check out how.!)

Google Photos: To backup your photos.

Google Contact sync: To synchronize your contact list with Google itself.

Now, let me tell you the Android pattern unlock process where you would not loose your data anymore. It is just a matter of time and an easy process.

Android Pattern Unlock Process Without Loosing Data

When you get to know that your device is locked and even the Email recovery has also failed, then all you need to do is to download a file and flash it using a custom recovery preferably. For this your device needs to be already Rooted.

android rooting
Root Your Android


Not sure on the process of Rooting your device? The process of rooting is almost same for all the devices. If you’re unsure on the process of Rooting, do not worry. I already have an article written as guest author at GeekDashboard. Click here to get the process of Rooting and Flashing Custom ROM for Galaxy Y.

Steps To Unlock Android Pattern

Step 1: Download the necessary file. [sociallocker]Download [/sociallocker]

Step 2: Copy the file to SD-card by connecting the device using USB cable.

Step 3: Reboot into Recovery Mode (may vary for every device).

Step 4: Goto “install zip from sd-card” and select the file you previously moved into SD card

Step 5: Proceed to installation and wait till you see “install from SD card complete”.

Step 6: Now when you reboot your device you should get your security key unlocked.

There might be a situation where you might not be able to download the above file. Then we can retrive our phone back without data loss by another method. If you are familiar with Android SDK and a slight knowledge on command prompt and good memory to remember the commands, this is very easy.

Android SDK – One among the top 4 Android Emulators

Android Pattern Unlock Using CMD & Android SDK

Note: Again you need your Android device to be rooted to perform this operation. Else USB debugging mode should be checked in the settings. So it is better to goto settings>developers options>USB debugging and enable it.

Steps To Unlock Android Screen Lock Using CMD

Step 1: Make sure you have Androdi SDK installed on your computer.

Step 2: Connect the device to your PC.

Step 3: Open command line with the path where SDK is located.

Step 4: Type the commands in the below order.

> adb -d shell

# sqlite3 data/data/

sqlite> update system set value=0 where name=’lock_pattern_autolock’;

sqlite> .exit

# exit

Now disconnect the USB from your system and reboot the device. By now it should be free from any lock or pass code.

So, these are the two best possible ways for Android pattern unlock that gets your access to your mobile phone bypassing the Android screen lock.

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Not Successful In Retrieving Your Data?

Not successful in retrieving your data? Do not worry. We all do mistakes and there is a price we pay for it. Let me tell you, be careful from the next time. From now, Backup your data with an Android application easily. By installing this particular application, you are now given the freedom to make mistakes. With this application here, Android File recovery process has been made easy. Let us see what it does.

DUMPSTER: An Application For Android File Recovery

Android file recovery app

We all know the importance of a Recycle Bin. It is the very first and only icon displayed on the desktop when we usually format our windows. This shows the significance of it, by the tech giant Microsoft. It is like a life-line when you accidentally delete a file and want to restore it again. You might have experienced the pain of deleting an important file by now. Didn’t you?

Now to solve your problem, Baloota had developed an Android application that stores every data of the files we delete at any instance. This application is available under the name “DUMPSTER”. As the name itself signifies, it contains all the dump we delete from our Android device. Surprisingly, this application supports all files of different formats to restore.

There’s no need to root your device to run this app. It can be downloaded from the Play Store and can be used just like all other apps. The lovely thing in Dumpster is, it is very easy to use.

Features offered by Dumpster

  • Friendly User interface.
  • Everything is clean, clear and precisely organized.
  • It has an option to keep a Pass Code to restrict anonymous access.
  • You can also see the file, photo preview before restoring it.
  • You can restore only selected items you need.
  • You also have an option to send or store any file in Dumpster from any file manager.
  • The old file that are considered unnecessary are scheduled for Deletion.
  • Of course, No Internet connection needed.

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The only drawback in using this application is “Space consumption”. The deleted files takes some space all the time. Although this memory is lesser than the actual deleted memory size, it may be an issue for those who have less storage capacities and no of external SD card slot. This is only case if we frequently delete files that occupy more space. Rooting the device gives more options to this application.

Download Dumpster From Google Play

So, by now we are clear with Android Pattern Unlock Process and also an alternative way to backup your data on your device. Try these for sure. Thank You.


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