Aids to hearing, more commonly known as hearing aids are used by a growing number of people every year. It may not only be that the number of people needing hearing aids is growing as that increased number may also be contributed to by the fact that hearings aids are now widely available and are available in various types. Of course, the first types of hearing aids only offered the difference between which animal you may have preferred as the were wooden carvings of various animals ears. Today though there are three main types of hearing aids available and none of them look even vaguely like an animal’s ear.

The three types of hearing aids generally available today are the behind the ear variety, the ones in the outer ear and those located in the ear canal which are often referred to as invisible hearing aids. The hearing aids which are placed behind the ear take advantage of the fact that bone is an ideal transporter for sound vibrations. The hearing aids pass the vibrations onto the small bones behind the ears and they, in turn, pass those same vibrations, through the bony skull directly to the brain where they are interpreted as needed. The other two types of hearing aids are similar, except that the ones that will fit into the ear canal are, of course, much smaller than the other types. These two types take advantage of modern technologies ability to Miniaturize not just receivers, amplifiers and speakers, but also the batteries needed for the others to work,

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Regardless of how small the hearing aids were made, it was the size of the batteries for many years that was prohibitive but now that modern technology has developed miniaturized batteries there are no limitations on how small the hearing aids can become in the future. Some people prefer the smallest of hearing aids in order that no one will notice they wear one whilst others may invite others to notice their impediment in order that they may be more easily approached and understood.

Although a large percentage of people that suffer from hearing loss are the elderly, it does not mean that the younger generation cannot be affected by some form of hearing loss and in fact even some newborn suffer with hearing deficits but usually that is due to hereditary problems. Another cause of hearing loss is loud explosions, especially if they are unannounced or unexpected. The level of the noise generated by such explosions is enough to cause people either temporary hearing loss or in some cases even permanent hearing loss.

If you look at a website like, which specializes in providing hearing aids online, you will see that today’s hearing aids differ greatly from the original hearing aids which were chunks of wood carved into the shape of an animal’s ear or even the relative newer “trumpet” hearing aids. All the modern hearing aids though are efficient and effective and o the choices are merely personal ones.