Gmail is one of the most used Email services across the world. For it being professionally authentic, people loved using it and it has been in the top position for so long. However, the most awaited feature, which most of us would require has been rolled out recently and people can “Undo Send”, which means you can actually Undo the mail you just sent.

Why Undo Send?

Undo Send

It is possible that we make mistakes when we are least expected to. Suppose you’ve to send a mail to your boss at the office and after clicking on ‘Send’, you noticed that you’ve few mistakes in the mail. Or say, you’ve replied to the group mail which you do not want to. In this case you can easily click on ‘Undo Send’, which will immediately delete your mail that has been sent. This Undo Send feature has been available for so long, from 2009 in Gmail Labs. After six years, Gmail has rolled out to the end-users to have this feature enabled in every Gmail account.

Google mentioned, “Previously a popular feature in Gmail Labs, and recently added to Inbox by Gmail, today we’re adding ‘Undo Send’ as a formal setting in Gmail on the web.”

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How To Enable Undo Send?

Though Gmail has enabled it to all the accounts for the users to use it, there’s a simple change in the settings to be ensured of, for enabling this feature. You can find the setting in the General tab of the settings in Gmail. By enabling it, you can have the option to ‘Undo Send’ once the mail is sent.

Steps to Enable Undo Send Feature:

  • Click the Settings Icon (Gear) available on the top right.
  • Select Settings.
  • Find “Undo Send” and click to Enable.
  • Now, you can set the time for cancellation period.
  • And save changes. You have successfully enabled the Undo Send feature on Gmail.

However, you can avail this only for less than 30 seconds after you hit on Send. So, if you want to Undo Send, you have to click on it before it crosses 30 seconds after you sent the mail.

“Undo Send” allows people using Gmail to cancel a sent mail if they have second thoughts immediately after sending, Google added. There still is no official announcement, whether this feature will be added to the iOS and Android apps. For now, it is made available for Inbox by Gmail mobile app.

With the latest update to Inbox by Gmail, Google tries to set remainders to phone by syncing in with email. There has been progress in Gmail lately. That’s all about the new feature by Gmail, Undo Send. If you like our work, please Subscribe To Interest Waypoint. Thank You.


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