Advanced Search Engine Optimization tips
Advanced SEO Tips

Want to develop your blog? There are many in number who are desperate to get ranked on Google and earn revenue blogging. But unfortunately, most of them are not very successful. Of course it takes some time to achieve goals. But if you follow all the Search Engine Optimization tips right from the start, then the chances of you getting ranked better in short span are more. I’m sure you must’ve been through many SEO optimization tips by now. But, there are more and more no matter what you know for now. So, do you feel it is better to have some important SEO optimization tips at one place, in a single post? I am sure you do. So, an idea of providing all the best SEO practices at one place made me write this now.

In the first 6 months – 1 year, most of the successful Bloggers today have done many mistakes, in fact blunders. So, it isn’t new in your case or mine. Everyone here does some mistakes for sure. That is because, we start Blogging without any prior research. Once you are passionate about it, try to earn some bucks out of it, you start studying the tactics, Search Engine Optimization tips, Social Media Marketing Tips and many more. But, I would like to tell you some of my favorite quotes that we could relate to Blogging for not loosing passion or interest.

  • Better Late Than Never – It is always better to start something than just worrying that its late. Be it anything, but this quote never fails. And it works best in our case here.
  • No One was born PRO – Yes. No one was ever born a PRO in any field. If there is something that matters, it is your passion, hard work+smart work and dedication. These are the 3 ultimate factors that will make you PRO someday or the other.
  • Learn, Learn and Keep Learning – In Blogging, this is the most important thing. You should always keep learning new things. Some techniques might not work for you which worked great for others. You should keep experimenting and be enthusiastic always, to learn new things. Unless you have this quality, your quality time is wasted. So, be creative and impressive and learn more.

So, Advanced Search Engine Optimization Tips. But before getting into Advanced SEO tips, do you have idea on the basic tips for SEO to drive traffic to your site/blog? Do you know “How To Write Blogs The Right Way“? If you are a newbie in blogging, then you might not know about these. There are just three things you need to know before we move any further regarding the Advanced SEO tips.

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Once you’re done with the above concepts, we can now move further with our topic on Advanced SEO tips.

 Advances Search Engine Optimization Tips

Advanced SEO tips
Outline Of Major SEO Factors

So, by now I hope you are clear with the topics given above. They are easy and simple, aren’t they? You wonder if they could really matter to meet your goals? Yes, but only till some extent. They work well only up to a point and from then, you need to cope up with the Advanced SEO tactics for better ranking.

Tip 1: Lengthy Content

You must’ve heard, “Content is the King“. Yes it is. But, content is the king, only if you make it a king. The biggest ranking factor for your blog is having lengthy content. In the above links I mentioned, if you have gone through them, it is said that an average of 500+ words would do well. Well, it is the basic SEO. But, to rank well on Google or any other major search engines, you need to have lengthy content. The more lengthy, the more are the chances for your blog to get ranked well. Once your blog is setup with the basic principles, then try writing content more than 800 words ideally. You could experience better results if you write for more than 1200-1500 words.

Do not write just for the sake of Word Count and Search Engines. Concentrate on the type of your readers and then concentrate on search engines. Write for humans, not bots. Indexing of your blog is important to rank better. But, you must always keep in mind, that your blog will be penalized if you show different content to search engines and readers.

What do I mean by showing different content? Suppose you research for keywords and found a keyword, well ranked with Low competition and high CPC. But, if that keyword does not signify the topic you’re about to write on, then just leave it. If you give the title as “Best Android Games” and write irrelevant content inside, then the chances of you getting penalized by Google are more. So, always be relevant while creating content. Be unique and smart. Write on the topics that you have clear idea about.

Tip 2: Dofollow Links

It is very important to have inbound “Dofollow” links for your blog from High PR sites. Google feels that your blog is important, if you have inbound dofollow links. If you have unique and trusted content, people might want to link your blog post in their article. So, this could be very helpful for you.

Suppose you cannot get links to your blog. What could you do now? In this case, Guest Posting helps you a lot. Ask for guest posting to the admin of a blog. Make sure you guest post only on blogs that have the same niche as yours. For one article you write, you can get 2-3 “dofollow” links as many bloggers agree for this. But remember, link exchange is not considered anymore by Google.

What is Link Exchange? Let us say, to get dofollow links to your blog, you requested someone and finally are successful in getting 2-3 inbound dofollow links. If you give back some dofollow links to the same blog, it is link exchange. This worked fine in the past. But now, this isn’t considered as a ranking factor by Google anymore. For example, if you have 3 inbound dofollow links from a blog and 2 outbound dofollow links to the same blog, then it is a case where you have only 1 dofollow inbound link as per Google.

Also, adding more number of dofollow links to blogs or sites that are not relevant to your niche could be negative SEO. By default, when you add a link, they will be dofollow links. So, make some time to add rel=”nofollow” attribute to the outbound links.

Tip 3: Internal Linking

This is a case where most of the newbies wouldn’t concentrate on. Internal Linking is also one of the On-Page SEO techniques. Is Internal Linking just to get more page views? That is one, but there is one more important thing that Google considers by internal linking. How? Let me tell you now.

There might be some posts or pages that Google might not index on your blog. So in that case, linking your old content that is relevant to the article helps Google to index your blog well. Indexing pages is very important for better ranking and for search results appearance. So, also concentrate on Internal Linking.

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Tip 4: Back Link Building

Building back links is considered to be Off-Page SEO technique. But while building back links, you need to be careful. Blog commenting is one of the easiest and major source to build more number of back links. But, many of the bloggers doesn’t know the negative results of overdoing it. Most of the blogs have their comment section with “nofollow” tags. So, having too many nofollow links might be a negative SEO for your blog. And also concentrate to comment on only those articles which are relevant to the link that you are about to post in a comment.

Try using “CommentLuv” enabled blogs. In CommentLuv enabled blogs, you need not separately give a link in the comment (but if you wish, you can). By entering the details, including your blog URL, it automatically detects the latest post on your blog and displays it. So, this could be an added advantage for you.

So, now the question on your mind must be “How To Find CommentLuv Enabled Blogs?” Not just CommentLuv enabled blogs, you can find the blogs with multiple types of commenting systems like Disqus, CommentLuv, KeywordLuv, .edu, .org blogs by using PutMyLink and DropMyLink“.

Tip 5: Easier Navigation

Apart from the SEO, you also should consider your user experience on your blog.

  • For easier navigation, categorize your blog and display the category menu at the top.
  • Enable Breadcrumbs. Users can easily navigate if you enable the Breadcrumbs and with that you can also get more number of Page views.
Bread crumbs
Bread Crumbs
  • Do not stuff your blog totally with Ads and banners. It is advisable to put just 2 Ads in the post and not more than that. Experiment with the Ad placements to improve your CTR.

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Tip 6: Optimize Your Blog For Faster Loading

Most of the users do not have patience to wait for more time for a page to load. So, there is a chance that you might miss those users, if your page loading speed is very low. Check your page speed insights every day and try to optimize them for a better user experience. Make sure you have at least 65+ and 75+ page speed for mobile and system respectively. Less than that, there is a chance that your blog visits could be less.

page speed insights
Factors That Determine Page Speed

To optimize the speed of your WordPress, we have an excellent plugin. W3Total Cache optimizes your blog and you can easily increase your site loading performance by more than 100%. It is easy to use. It is one among the must have plugins in WordPress.

Tip 7: Keyword Stuffing

Keyword research

You must be well aware on using the keywords for you post/article. But are you doing it the right way? Let me tell you how to use keywords. Follow the below points for each and every article you write from now and observe the result yourselves.

  • Choose one focus keyword and use it in the Title, URL, meta description and in content. Stuff it in all these places. In content, the optimal percent of keyword usage is about 1%. If the post is not lengthy, it raises up to 3-4% and if it is too lengthy (more than 1500-2000 words), keyword usage could be less than 1%. You can use multiple keywords in the same post as it is lengthy enough. Be creative in stuffing your keyword in the content.
  • In addition to the focus keyword, also select one secondary keyword. Apart from title and URL, use it in meta description and also in content. Using the secondary keyword in meta description helps you get more organic traffic.
  • Choose all the keywords with Low competition and High CPC. But if you want your blog to stand at the best place in the future, and if you are not worried on the present visits, then go for Medium or High competition keywords (with high CPC).
  • By selecting the Low competition keywords, it really doesn’t mean that you can rank on the very first page for that keyword easily. In most cases, there could be the official sites which rank for those keywords. In that case, even if you select low competition keywords, you might not rank well. So, try to Google your keyword before you start preparing content for your blog.
  • Also stuff your focus keyword on the ALT tags of your images. Apart from ALT tags, give a good title to the image. Creative title with keyword in it is the best way to rank.

Other Tips

  • Always, an internal or external link should be given to open in a New Tab. You can add target=”_blank” attribute after the hyper-link in html or you also have an option directly. Check out the screenshot below. Check the Open link in a new window/tab box. By using this option, you can have the user stay on the existing page without navigating to the other. This improves the user reading experience on your blog.

Open in External window.

  • Use Images to attract users. One image is worth more than 500 words of content. And also reduce the image size according to your blog theme. Use Smushit to reduce the image size without compromising on the image quality. Using lesser size images helps in loading your page faster.

So, these are the 7 Advanced Killer Search Engine Optimization  tips with some other simple tips that helps in better ranking for your blog. But wait a second, Do you feel these are just normal and wouldn’t work? Trust me, I’m one among those who did not believe any of these. But on force, I was made to believe these and experiment. And now, I could see increase in number of visits on my blog. Try these for sure.

Hope these tips help you.  Take a minute to Comment your views. If you like our work, please do Subscribe to Interest Waypoint. Thank You.


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