Game lovers are more in number around the globe. PC games are the most played games for so far. With the release of Tablets into the market with best configuration that support best class games, Game lovers started playing games on Tablets too. Playing games on Tablets is the best time pass and a lot fun. With the bigger screens & games being developed with extraordinary graphics, people started loving to play games on Tablets. In this article, we are giving you the 5 Best Tablet Games hand picked by us and also 3 best gaming tablets. The games are a combination of free and paid best tablet games.

As Tablets are equally occupying certain share in the market along with the smart phones, developers are designing some best Tablet games exclusively. There are many games for smart phones, but Tablets once had only few games supported. Once the Tablets were used more in number, many games are live on the store. The developers are creating games for tablets with huge graphics and animations as the tablets are supporting with their hardware requisites. So, we have the best games for tablets compared to smart phones.

5 Best Tablet Games

In this section, we give you the best tablet games that comes free and also paid apps. Free apps comes with in-app purchases like Subway Surfers or any other famous games. Check out the top 5 best tablet games below.

1.Dead Trigger 2

It is one among the best Tablet games so far with decent graphics for a tablet screen. The gameplay experience is too good and the concept lies killing the zombies. Dead Trigger 2 is free and is available on Android Play Store. With latest updates, you also get new levels, and/or any new content for no doubt. Dead Trigger 2 is one of the addictive games you might ever come across.

Download Dead Trigger 2 for your Tablet

 2. Portal & HalfLife 2

best tablet games

These are the two, most popular games on PC, developed by Valve. NVDIA ported these games to the Android store. But there is a restriction for you to play them on tablets. You need to have NVIDIA shield or NVIDIA shield tablet or a Tegra K1 in order to play this game. If you do not have any of these, Bad luck.! More over, this game ain’t free of cost. It is a premium version that costs around 9.99$ each. As premium versions are meant to be, these games do not come with any kind of in-app purchases.

Check out the list of Games available on Android Play Store from NVIDIA Tegra partners

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3. Clash Of Clans

This is another most known game on Android smart phones. This could be even better on Tablets as it smoothly extends to the larger screen and gives you a better experience of the game play. The game graphics seem to be normal as they were on the smaller screens, but as this game requires a lot of dragging on the screen, larger screens would suit better.

Download Clash Of Clans for your Tablet

4. Dumb Ways To Die

Dumb ways to die is a fun and interesting, but small game that is available for free on Android Market. The game features different characters and different scenarios where the character might face the death. You need to instantly escape the death. Once you reach to a level by earning points, you can unlock the video in which the DUMB WAYS TO DIE are shown with one good background song running. So, this could be fun for few days.

Download Dumb Ways To Die for your Tablet

5. Republique

Republique is one of the most popular and best Tablet games on iOS which is now available for Android tablets. This game has a good story line with better graphics and comes as a premium version at 2.99$. The content is plenty and has over five episodes. At the time of release, there were only three episodes released.

Download Republique for your Tablet

Now that we’ve seen the 5 best tablet games on Android, let us see the best gaming tablet (best tablet for games).

3 Best Gaming Tablets For Game Lovers


best gaming tablet

NVIDIA shield tablet is the best gaming tablet ever that comes with the specifications:

  • 2.2GHz Quad core NVIDIA Tegra K1 processor,
  • 8 inch with 1920*1200 resolution,
  • Wireless game controller (optional).

The great feature for the game lovers is its ability to stream PC games from PC to tablet. NVIDIA shield is the first on list to get the latest update of Android Lollipop. It also has an HDMI port with which you connect your Tablet to PC and play games on TV (even more larger screens).

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2. Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4

best tablet for games

I’m not really into Samsung, but this stands as one of the best tablet for games. The 8.4″ screen with 2560*1600 pixels super AMOLED and Exynos 5 Octa 5420 processor makes me put it on the list of the best gaming tablets. Not considering any more features or specifications, the screen could make it all. Of course there are many out here who would generally not like the Samsung’s interface, with simple tweaks you can completely change it. So, that must not be the issue to own this.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 comes at a price of around 300$ approx. There’s also Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 with a screen size of 10.5″. Choose any of these two (large screen lovers) for better gaming experience.

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3. Asus Transformer Book T100

best gaming tablet

Asus Transformer Book T100 is one that can be plugged onto a keyboard for work. And with 10.1″ screen, it could serve as a better Tablet for games and also to work. The price approximately ranges to 333$. The screen doesn’t get hot as quick as any other tablet. The keyboard you get looks like a real laptop keyboard with touch pad. So, this could also be a great choice and can be one among the best gaming tablets.

So, these are the 5 best tablet games and 3 best gaming tablets for Android OS. Hope you had good information here. Please tell us if there are any other choice of yours on the list in the comments. Do not forget to Subscribe to Interest Waypoint. Keep visiting. Thank you 🙂

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