Blogging has been the source of income for many of us these days. One can earn lots through blogging for just 3-4 hours a day. In Blogging, there are multiple strategies that takes you to a new level. It is one of the best ways to make money online. Though you don’t get decent amount for the first 6 months, it later will turn out to be the best income source online. Adsense is one of the best AdNetwork to monetize blog but many get banned due to some fraudulent activities. Here I give you 3 best Google Adsense alternatives to monetize your blog.

Before I tell you the best Google Adsense Alternatives, there are a few things to be told. If there is anyone reading this, who have no idea on what blogging actually is, how to write a blog or “How to create Blog?“(Starting Blog), consider reading about them. Do not simply go with the monetizing techniques. One must concentrate on SEO to blog the right way. So, “What is SEO?” & “Using Adwords Keyword Planner” are the two other important topics to be considered before you go down further.

I, here in this article will give you the best 3 Google Adsense alternatives to monetize your blog. But, why should go with them and not Adsense? Adsense of course is the best AdNetwork that has the highest CPC of all these AdNetworks I’m about to tell. But, Google’s algorithm is very complex, that it identifies any fraudulent activity very simply and bans you if you seem to be not following its guidelines. So, those who search for the Google Adsense alternatives are those who got banned by it and believe me, they regret it.

3 Best Google Adsense Alternatives

Are there just 3 Adsense alternatives? No, there are many. But, these 3 are the AdNetworks which accepts your request immediately and you will be able to display ads. But, the CPC for these or any other AdNetworks is very low. Unless you have a decent traffic, you cannot make much with these. There are no requirements for approval, but you need a minimum of 1000 views a day to get paid for every single click with a good CPC.

The following are the 3 Best Google Adsense Alternatives.


Google adsense alternatives

Most of you must’ve heard about Chitika by now. It is one of the Best Adnetwork, that accepts your request instantly. There are many bloggers, who make  money online using Chitika. But, when you first get approved by Chitika, you find irrelevant ads showing up on your blog. You get lots of impressions and no valid clicks for this very reason. This is the most frustrating thing we observe in Chitika. But, believe me, Chitika pays more than Adsense for a click. All you need to have is traffic. Once you’ve enough traffic, your CPC will be more and you can observe more relevant ads and so valid clicks. Apply today for Chitika and earn money through it.



Inflolinks is another best adsense alternative. Infolinks accept most of the applications easily and you can start displaying Ads. The only problem with Infolinks is, you need have more foreign visitors(visitors from foreign countries). It doesn’t pay you well for local clicks. If you have decent traffic from the foreigners, you can expect more from Infolinks. You have multiple options for displaying Ads like intags, inframes and so on. Apply for Infolinks, experiment, explore it and get paid.



RevenueHits is another AdNetwork best suitable for sites which have download options, like sites from where you can download MP3 or Videos. It shows ads like “Download“, “Play now” etc. So, when you place them, people are more likely to click them. It is not very suitable for normal blogs, but if you wish to display ads like that, you can. If you place an ad below your post, it displays it as a video you attached if the ad size suits for it and buffers for 2 seconds and asks to download a plugin. People generally don’t think it is an Ad. So, you can get clicks for those type of Ads. But you loose your trust from the visitors. So, it’s your risk displaying these ads.

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The above are the best Google Adsense alternatives which approves instantly. But remember, Traffic is the main requirement to earn money. There are two other best sites, but are very difficult to be approved by them. Give it a try if you have decent traffic.


These two are the best paying ads and there are people who earn a lot with these. For BuySellAds, once you are rejected, you can apply only after 6 months. is another BEST AdNetwork and the only requirement for its approval is traffic.

So, try to find out the ways to increase your traffic and earn more. Happy Blogging.


  1. This is a great list for adding a little variety to a site, I have an arcade site, and having Adsense show the same ad three times on one page is a bit much. So far, I have tried Revenue Hits and Propeller. Propeller is nice, but I am concerned about the Revenue Hits ads. Despite having only a side slider, you could not click anywhere on my site without it clicking through to the ad, one of which created an infinite circle of pop-ups. Their slider actually got my site suspended on Adwords for suspected malware, so it might be good to be wary of them. Have you had any such problems?

    • Hello Tim. I have not faced the issue, neither did I hear the same from anyone else so far.
      Normally, few newbies try to use a script which counts for an AD click wherever you click on the page. And it is okay with some AD networks, while AdSense is strictly against it. I cannot really understand why that happened with you, but make sure you immediately remove such kind of ADs if you want your AdSense account 🙂

  2. Now I am using Google Adsense in my Blog, but I am also trying Kontera in my blog as from various blog I got informed that Kontera is growing better than Infolinks.What do you suggest.

    • Hello Sam Jackson, I hope you are doing good..! Coming to the Ad Networks, I would choose Infolinks over Kontera. I have tried Infolinks on my site, but never have really explored Kontera. But the reviews on the internet on Kontera are not good enough.!! If you are to choose between Kontera and Infolinks, better go with Infolinks 🙂

  3. I totally agree with the options given herein. I have heard about some of them before like Sponsored Reviews and Chitika, etc. I have used some others as well. But the results are really hard to get.

  4. I had tried using media dot net , but their RPM is low but good customer support. Adsense is the best one . Media dot net and Chitika also good , I had received payments from them.

    • Hello Ron. Thanks for the comment 🙂

      AdSense is undoubtedly the best one. But, unfortunately many of our fellow bloggers are facing a ban by AdSense. Apart from AdSense, I prefer ..!! As you have mentioned, their customer support is good 😀

      I tried Chitika, worth a try, but didn’t get good CPC.

  5. they banned me from adsense and I signed up goomito marketing now they pay me 800 per month I’m happy

    • Hello Marion..! yes,I know how that feels when an adsense account is banned.. anyways, if you are happy with Goomito, its best if you explore more and earn more 🙂

  6. I highly recommend Adtomatik. I am using it for the last 3 months and the results are amazing. Best ecpm and higher fill rates in comparison to others ad networks.

    • Thanks for the comment Roxana. Frankly speaking, I have never heard of this Ad Network. But if it is working fine, then users would be very glad that you shared this. Happy to have you here with us 🙂

    • Thanks for the comment Josh. I’d say Buysellads is great only if you have good number of daily visits. The above mentioned are among those, where everybody could easily be approved 🙂
      And Izea and SpeedingUP, never heard of it. Your comment brought me the notice of them. Thanks for it 😀

  7. I’d say Qadabra is definetly the best Adsense Alternative in the market. Automatic Payments, Variety of Ads like POp ups, Sliders, Stay Ons, high rates, etc.

    • I’ve heard about it too, but never personally tried though.. I shouldn’t share something that I’m not sure of. So, did not.. Would try it soon. Anyways thanks for the comment 🙂

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