nationwide emergency number in india
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The inter-ministerial Telecom Commission has given the permission for new improvement in our country. Guess what is the new improvement? Well, ‘112’ will soon become India’s nationwide emergency number. This concept has already been applied in many other developed nations, like the US, where the emergency number is ‘911’.

The existing emergency numbers of India includes:

  • 100 for police
  • 101 for fire services
  • 102 for ambulance
  • 108 for disaster management

The introduction of the nationwide emergency number will result in the phasing out of the existing emergency numbers.

Who Chose The Nationwide Emergency Number As 112?

From quite a long period of time, a thought was given to the idea of a single number for all emergencies. The nod to this proposal will ask out active participation for making it a success. The number ‘112’ as emergency number was suggested by the Telecom regulator TRAI in a recommendation submitted last year.

What Is Required To Make It A Success?

The following are taken care for converting the proposed plan into a successful action:

  • In the mobile networks, the calls to the ‘112’ emergency number will be highlighted.
  • Contacting the emergency number through SMS will be permitted.
  • The taker of the emergency calls should get the information of the location and details of the caller who is seeking the emergency help.

An official source said, “The states will need to set up call centers, which will also cater to the local languages spoken in their respective region.”

What Are The Implementation Difficulties?

The implementation of the ‘112’ as emergency number will face difficulties like:

  • Policing is a state subject, this can create a problem.
  • Generation of quick adequate infrastructure to tackle the emergency is hard.

Why 112 Is chosen As The Emergency Number?

112 is chosen as an emergency number because of the following reasons:

  • The number ‘100’ is associated with police. Therefore, a certain section of the society doesn’t want to dial this number.
  • 112 and 911 are the emergency numbers that are recognized by the inbuilt system of GSM phones.

One would be able to dial the emergency number even when their phone is locked. You don’t have balance in your phone to dial the emergency number? Not a problem, because one doesn’t require to spend money for gaining emergency help. Even when you are out of the network coverage, your phone will be able to generate a connection to the emergency number with the help of the signal of any other mobile operator available in the area. You can even dial the emergency number from your phone without having a valid subscription.

Do you know what does this mean? No matter what the problem is, you will surely get the help if you dial the emergency number. Isn’t that great? It’s time we see our country develop after all 🙂 Don’t forget to share this piece of information with your well-wishers. Also do Subscribe to Interest Waypoint. Thank You.