Hello again! As you are looking for the best Tips and Tricks for Mac OS X, I would assume that you have a MacBook or iMac. Congrats! Now that you have got the MacBook or iMac, Are you trying to figure out the best way of using it? If it is a YES, you are in the right place because we will provide you all the information about the latest version of Mac, updates, tips and tricks for Mac OS X users: which will enable you to use your device to the fullest! Let us start with the basic information.

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What Is Mac OS X?

Mac OS X is the operating system of Apple’s desktop. Every feature of your MacBook or iMac is powered by Mac OS X. It won’t be wrong to say that it is like an engine for your device.

The X in ‘Mac OS X’ stands for the number 10. In school you must have studied that in Roman numeral X stands for 10. What information does the letter ‘X’ provides about the operating system? It tells us that in the present scenario, we are using the tenth version of Mac OS.

Know More About The Latest Version Of Mac OS X

There have been many updates of Mac OS X. The latest update of Mac OS X is 10.10.5, which is also tagged as ‘OS X Yosemite’. Mac OS X Yosemite was launched few days ago on August 13, 2015. It won’t be wrong to say that Mac OS X ‘Yosemite’ has brought a revolution for Mac OS X users because in addition to the old features, it has come up with more extraordinary features for the Mac operating system.

You have to look at the requirements of your device to know whether it will be able to handle the latest version smoothly or not. It is assumed that the devices which were able to run ‘OS X Mavericks’ and ‘X Mountain Lion’ will be able to run ‘OS X Yosemite’, as the system requirements are the same.

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10 Best Tips And Tricks For Mac OS X Users

tips and tricks for Mac OS X

Okay now, let me give you 10 best tips and tricks for Mac OS X.

1. Saving Your Battery

The primary concern of many users is to extend the battery life of their device. The battery life now can be easily conserved by turning off the individual apps that you are not using with the help of ‘power down’.

For closing specific apps, right click on the app’s icon, then select ‘Get Info’ and then look for the ‘Prevent App Nap’ option. Once, you see that, you can easily close the extra apps.

2. Do Not Disturb

If your device troubles you with many notifications and you need peace for a day, you can get it by clicking on the ‘Notification Center’ menu that is located in the right side of the screen. The side bar has a toggle named ‘Do Not Disturb’ which should be turned on in order to prevent notifications for a day. The ‘Do Not Disturb’ option can also be scheduled according to your convenience.

3. Calculate The Time To Be Consumed While Travelling

The Calendar of your device can now easily calculate the travel times between events, when you mention the location. The ‘Travel Time’ field can be seen when you double click on ‘Event’ and then click on ‘Time’. Your travel time can now be calculated from the former event’s location. You can manually adjust the settings on the app according to your transportation mode.

4. Useful Shortcuts

Who doesn’t need a bunch of short cuts for a quick action in their device? There are many shortcuts that can be used on MacBook or iMac. We are listing a few of them.

Command +’ -> It enables the use to switch between application windows.

Command + H -> It enables the users to hide the current window.

Command + Option + Esc -> It enables the users to see the running apps on the device and force close them if required.

Shift + Command + 3 -> It enables the users to take a screenshot of the entire screen.

Option + Shift + Command + Space -> It enables the users to open a window with spotlight.

5. Screencast Recording

To record a video which captures the whole kit and caboodle of the display screen, open ‘QuickTime Player’.

Click on ‘New Screen Recording’ in the ‘File Menu’. Then you can include many options like whether to use the internal mic or not and whether to include the mouse click or not. The video can later be used for educational purpose and can be edited before uploading.

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6. Voice Dictation

Voice Dictation can be enabled on your device. You need to follow the mentioned steps. Go to the ‘System Preference’ and then choose ‘Dictation and Speech’. Note that the radio button for the Dictation should be switch on before you start using this feature. After that, you need to press the ‘Fn’ key twice in quick succession and you can start dictating whatever you want.

7. Back To My Mac

Back To My Mac’ enables you to connect remotely to your Mac. Before using this feature, you have to make sure that your Mac is ON and in sync with the iCloud account. This feature can be enabled on your device by ticking on the box available in ‘System Preference’ app. The user has to use the same Apple ID on both of the devices to see the remote Mac’s screen.

8. Using Finder To Merge All The Windows

The users can now unite all multiples panes in a single window with the help of ‘Finder’. You no longer need to drag the panes one by one. All you have to do is choose ‘Window’, then click on ‘Merge All Windows’.

9. Add Your Signature In The Document

You can insert your accurate signature in the document easily by opening the document in ‘Preview’.

After that open ‘Tools’, then click on ‘Annotes’.

Tap on ‘Signature’, ‘Click on Manage’ and then finally tap on ‘Manage Signatures’.

Once you get there, select the ‘Camera’ toggle.

Now, put your signature on a plain, white sheet and then hold it in front of the iSight Camera. Your device will automatically copy your signature which can be used anywhere in the document.

10. Share Screen In Message App

Now you can share your Message Screen with your best buddies by launching the ‘Messages App’. Once you open it, click on ‘Details’ available in the conversation thread, then click on ‘Invite to share my screen’ or ‘Ask to share my screen’ from the ‘Share Screen’ option that can be seen in the screen.

So, here we are with the top ten popular tips and tricks for Mac OS X users that can be used to enhance your experience with your MacBook or iMac. Do let us know if you want more tips and tricks to use. Till then, try the tips and tricks that we have given you today. Do not forget to share your experience with us. We will be happy to hear from you. If you like our work, Please Subscribe To Interest Waypoint. Thank You.

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